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Enjoy Your Mortgage!





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What Our Clients Say


Others Tried to Rush; Stacey Remained Patient and Got Us the Best Laon Rate!

“I found it an honor and pleasure working with Stacey Dowling. She was very professional in the way she conducted business, and always kept me informed an up to date throughout the process. She was able to get me the best loan rate, which is what we all strive for.”
“I will refer anyone I know to Stacey because good quality service is very hard to find in today’s competitive market. When others tried to rush us to the closing, Stacey was very patient and got me the best deal she could find. It is so rewarding to know people like her still exist. Thank you, Stacey and the members of your team. The world needs more people like all of you.”


Paperwork Completed in Just 10 Hours for Struggling Mom; Saved $800/Month!

After 22 years of marriage, Susan’s husband died leaving a mountain of debt and no life insurance. Her small income couldn’t support the needs of her two children, pay the mortgage and cover living expenses.
A friend of Susan’s who had worked with Stacey Dowling on a mortgage loan called early one Saturday morning asking if Stacey could help. Time was short. Susan’s finances were dwindling. Less than 10 hours after talking to Susan that weekend morning, Stacey had completed the mounds of paperwork needed to refinance Susan’s home.
The re-fi enabled Susan to pay off high-interest debt and lower her mortgage payments, together saving over $800 a month and ensuring she and the kids remained in the house.
Years later, Stacey’s phone rang again. It was Susan asking Stacey for help with the financing. “The closing of her new home really was humbling for me, “Stacy said. “What a remarkable feeling when she told me how much I helped her move forward in her life.”

Mrs. N

We Had to Move Fast Before Mrs. N’s Cancer Surgery

Days after the contract for a retired couple’s new home was accepted, Mrs. N. was diagnosed with cancer. They needed to move into their new home soon to ensure she was settled in comfortable surroundings to recuperate after surgery. We had to move fast.
I picked up the phone and told the seller’s agent about Mrs. N’s medical situation and asked if he could help expedite the appraisal. He called the appraiser who said he’d try to submit the appraisal in two days versus the typical 0 days for a VA loan. However, within 24 hours, the appraisal was on my desk and we closed fast enough for Mrs. N. to move into her new home before surgery.

Our Team

It Takes a Well-Oiled Machine to Close In 21 DAYS or LESS!

Stacey Dowling

Loan Originator

Shay Jenkins

Jr. Loan Officer

Audrey Drennan

Production Assistant

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